Turn any data into a SQL Table. Quickly!

Remember the days you had to struggle trying to import external content into your SQL Server? These days are now over!
Read data from any source - HTML, Excel, Word, PDF, Text and much more and turn the data into a SQL Table - in a split second!


SQL Server Query Zipper

Compressed Query-Level Data Export

SQL Query Zipper will backup the results of *any* query into a compressed file.

Whenever you need to send results from an offline site, create a table backup, send or share data - SQL Server Query Zipper will do the job.


Database Space Explorer

Data Storage Analysis

Need to know what is consuming your databases space? Database Space Explorer is a visual tool helping you understand exactly how your databases space is consumed


Super Bulk Copy


A FREE powerful BULK INSERT alternative

SBCP is what you always wanted bcp or 'bulk insert' to be! A simple tool that quickly and easily loads any text file into the database.


SQL Stripes

Powerful SQL Server Monitoring

Monitor and Control your SQL Servers from one place


Log4Sql Enterprise Suite

A Unified SQL Code Logger & Viewer

A complete solution to embed logging inside your SQL Stored Procedures, integrated with a powerful viewer letting you explore, search and view the log in real-time.


Smart SQL Apps