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Database Space Explorer

SQL Server Database Size Explorer

Database Explorer for SQL Server -
provides a smart visual way to explore the consumed space on your SQL Servers

You will have the ability to:

  • Understand which data uses which files on which pysical/logical drives
  • Which tables and indexes consume the most space
  • Find potential used space that can be freed

Database Space Explorer is a powerful solution for exploring your files and filegroups and quickly understanding their Locations and disk-space usage.

Screenshots (hover to zoom):
  • Login Login
    Login Screen
  • Main Screen Main Screen
    Main Screen
  • Server Info Server Info
    Server Information
  • Database Info Database Info
    Database Information
  • Databases Info Databases Info
    Databases Disk Space Information - Graph
  • Table Table
    Table context menu
  • Table info Table Info
    Table Info - Columns and Indexes
  • Table info Table Info
    Table Info - Referencing objects
  • Table info Table Info
    Table Info Graph - Data and Index usage
  • Repository Repository
    Shared Repository - A powerful server management console embedded on all of our products.