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 Enterprise Suite

Code-Logging solution for your SQL databases


Log4Sql Enterprise Suite provides a unified logging infrastructure for your SQL Code (Stored Procedures, Ad-hoc scripts and more.)
along with a powerful tool which providers a powerful real-time view, search and explore capabilities.
The following databases are currently supported:
- Microsoft SQL Server/Azure
- PostgreSQL

Debugging stored procedures over time, and following specific actions done by SQL code has always been tricky.
Even today, many database developers print out various messages to screen in order to debug a procedure process
And over time, on a system fully loaded with SQL code, those things become one big black-box.

Screenshots (hover to zoom):
  • Login Adding Code to T-SQL
    Adding logger code to Stored Procedure or any T-SQL Script
  • Login Configuration
    Configuration Screen - choose which server to log, install the extension.
  • Explore Explore
    Explore Logging by Source (stored procedure) name
  • Real-time Real-time
    Real-time log viewer
  • Search Search
    Powerful Log Search (results)
  • Search Search
    Powerful Log Search - SQL Query preview
  • Server statistics Server statistics
    Server statistics
  • Repository Repository
    Shared Repository - A powerful server management console embedded on all of our products.

Note: If you need to connect to PostgreSQL, Please download the latest ODBC driver from this location: http://www.postgresql.org/ftp/odbc/versions/msi/