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Export SQL Server Query Results

Export any SQL Server query result into a compressed file

SQL Server Query Zipper (SSQZ) will export/backup the results of *any* query into a compressed file Whenever you need to send results from an offline site, create a table backup, send or share data - SQL Server Query Zipper will do the job.
Two clicks - and you're done!

Product features:

  • • Requires no installation on your SQL Server
  • • Can export any SQL Server Data
  • • Can export/import any Query/Stored Procedure results
  • • Automatic Compression for all backups (.sqz format)
  • • Schema/Data Preview directly from .SQZ file
  • • Lightning-fast operation
  • • Shell Integration / Console App available
  • • Powerful Server-Repository Manager

Using SSQZ, you no longer need to struggle with other options such as:

• Creating a flat file (csv/txt) -
    ° Overhead: Need to make sure headers are included, valid delimiters are set, data types are sent to the other side

• Using BCP -
    ° Overhead: large size, not compressed well, unable to include column name, need to send "create table" statement to the other side

• Copying the query result to a new database, backup and restore on destination
    ° Overhead: query result takes more time, more than double disk space for both sides, restored data must reside on a new database

Screenshots (hover to zoom):
  • Export Deckchairs
    Export Screen
  • Import-Preview Deckchairs
    Import Screen
  • Import Deckchairs
    Import Screen - .SQZ file preview
  • Explorer Integration Explorer Integration
    Explorer Integration - Double-click a .SQZ file to restore into any selected server/database
  • Repository Repository
    Shared Repository - A powerful server management console embedded on all of our products.

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