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Import text files into SQL Server

A Smart and Simple way to import text/csv/tsv files into your SQL databases

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Super Bulk Copy, or SBCP is what you had always hoped 'bcp' and 'BULK INSERT' would be like.
It is a FREE simple tool that quickly and easily loads any text file into the database.

It comes in two flavors: UI and a Console (command-line) version and does the following out of the box:

  • - Smart header/delimiter/data-types detection engine
  • - Direct HTTP import support
  • - Wildcards and Custom Fields support
  • - Quoted Identifiers support (i.e. if your delimiter is comma[,] and you have this value: "hello, world" - the process will not break!)
  • - Adaptive asynchronous mode for fast parallel processing
  • - Very Automatic, yet provided with many different control knobs

Like most of our apps, sbcp was written after dealing with the pain around importing external files into SQL Server
While possible, it is never an easy task and even though we have SSIS (and Import wizard, which runs SSIS), BULK INSERT, BCP that come
out of the box with SQL Server, none of them does a good-enough job, which often leads to continuous trial & error

Screenshots (hover to zoom):
  • Login Main Screen - Input
    Configuration Screen - Define input parameters
  • Main Screen - Output Explore
    Main Screen - define output parameters
  • Real-time Real-time
  • Search Search
    Console run
  • Search Search
    Configuration Sample
  • Repository Repository
    Shared Repository - A powerful server management console embedded on all of our products.